FLL qualifier volunteers

FIRST Lego League – Nov 18, 2023 – volunteers needed

We’re running a tournament for 37 FIRST Lego League teams, and we need A LOT of help!

  1. Log in to your account on www.firstinspires.org (or create an account if you don’t have one)
  2. Go to this link to volunteer! It is the FIRST Lego League St. Charles Borromeo qualifier (on NW 50th in OKC).
  3. Time commitment is from around 7:30 or 8am to around 4pm. Lunch is provided!

Positions needed

The Judge role is an important one, but you do not need any technical skills for most judging tasks. Teams typically give presentations and there is time to ask them questions about their project and robot. There is a very straightforward rubric and sample questions are provided to assist you. We typically pair newer judges with more experienced judges.

All judge panels will likely have 3-4 people. Your judge panel will be provided with a rubric to complete for each team. You will compare the teams you judge against each other and then verbally share the best team(s) with the other judges to decide the top 3-4 teams. A judge advisor will help you through the process.

To be a referee, you will need to learn the mission rules, but not the scoring. As a referee, you simply mark off each mission accomplished on a pre-printed sheet. The scorekeeper enters the information into a spreadsheet which calculates the score.

Field resetter is someone who sets the field to starting conditions between each match. Attention to detail is a must!

Robot Game Queuer helps teams line up prior to their matches and alerts the Pit Manager when teams are missing.

Scorekeeper enters data into the computer. Attention to detail is a must!

Timer controls the clock during the matches.

Load in / Load out is setting up and cleaning up. Set up occurs the night before the event and may involve taping out pit areas, setting up tables, laying out extension cords, etc. Clean up occurs immediately after the closing ceremony and may involve taking out trash, sweeping/mopping, moving items, etc.

The Pit Manager may make announcements on a PA system and supervises activities in the pit area.

The Practice Table Assistant supervises the practice tables to keep times fair and equitable between teams. Must be willing to give directions and enforce if necessary. Note that not all events have practice tables.

Registration occurs in the morning only. Teams must be checked in and paperwork collected. Good people skills and the ability to work quickly are helpful.

Volunteer room assistant supervises the volunteer room and handles any needs that crop up.

Other positions are relatively self-explanatory. Not all positions are used at every event.