About TeamOKC Robotics

We are the TeamOKC e’possums, a community-based FIRST Robotics Competition team in Oklahoma City! We are open to all students of the metro in the 9th-12th grade who want to be on a robotics team. We also have a 7th-8th grade FIRST Tech Challenge team and help run FIRST Lego League (K-8th grade events in the Oklahoma City area).


TeamOKC Robotics works to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills and careers accessible to all high school students via participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition and through STEM-oriented service to our community.

History and purpose

The founding members of the team include students, alumni and mentors from several other FIRST teams in all FIRST robotics programs who banded together to start a new community-based team that anyone can join. For the past several years, we’ve been representing FIRST at community events, running hands-on robotics demonstrations, and talking with people about the opportunities that FIRST can give them. But the reality is that most people don’t have the experience or funding required to start a robotics team on their own. And even though there are quite a few teams at all levels in the state, Oklahoma City is highly underrepresented. There are several teams in the younger age groups who do not have an older team to “graduate” into as well.

As we spoke with students and parents at events like Tinkerfest, OKC Dodgers STEM Day, the Oklahoma Women in Technology retreat for high school girls, STEM events at Langston-OKC and other outreach events, we’ve noticed a huge pent-up demand for competitive robotics. We want to make sure that every student who wants to be on a team can find their place on one.

Organization and Location

TeamOKC is a 4-H club under the Oklahoma County 4-H organization. Our workshop is located at Science Museum Oklahoma in NE Oklahoma City. We are a sister team to FRC 2395, the Ninja Munkees, who are located in SW Oklahoma City.

Questions and Answers

How much does it cost to be on the team?

There is a required $25 4-H club membership fee.

Our intention is to keep other costs very low to students and their families. We anticipate that there will be some costs associated with food at meetings and travel, but we will work as a team to keep these costs as low as possible through sponsorships, fundraising and scholarships.

What is the time commitment?

During the FRC build and competition season (January-mid April), expect to spend 12-20 hours each week working on the robot, pit and judging materials to prepare for competition. Time requirements will vary by position and responsibilities. We will have 4-hour meetings on 4 weeknights, and also meet Saturday most of the day.
During the rest of the year, the commitment is about 4-10 hours per month, depending on what we have going on.

Where can I find out more specifics?

You can email specific questions to teamokcrobotics@gmail.com.